Why Nimble ?

Some parents find the college admission process challenging and a bit overwhelming. Nimble comes in as a strategic partner to the parent by working with their child to identify their individual strengths and help develop their leadership skills by providing them an opportunity to express their creative side through many customized programs like hackathons, fundraisers, volunteering opportunities. Our goal is to provide guidance to your child so they can shape themselves holistically in academics, social interactions and emotional intelligence. We have committed to helping families reach their highest academic desires for their children. We teach, counsel, and support our clients through individualized attention, guidance, and research with expertise in the multifaceted processes of college planning.  We are experienced Independent Educational Consultants, we understand the importance of your child's future and take pleasure in providing him or her with valuable resources and proper guidance that will be essential throughout the educational journey. 


Become more competitive for college admissions through Nimble College Consulting Programs:
Option #1. Hourly option
Option #2. Choose yearly option of 12 hours
Option# 3. Grade 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th( till college admission)
Option#4. Grade 10th to 12th (till college admission)
Option#5. Grade 11th and 12th(till college admission)
Option#6. Grade 11th summer to 12th (College applications,essays-till admission)
Option#7. Grade 8th to 12th (until college admission)

Beginners Program (5th-12th Grades)
College Admissions Program (8th-12th Grades)
College application/Essay Writing Program (11-12th Grades)
College Essay Review Program (12th Grade)
College Transfers Program

Our Story

We met in a highly accredited private school in the Bay Area as colleagues more than 20 years ago. We both are not only highly experienced teachers but also very passionate & successful mothers and mentors. Both of our kids went to highly prestigious universities such as Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley and Boston University! They are very accomplished and practicing in the medical field (doctor), engineer/research, business (product manager), and law! We treat each and every student like our own child and try our hardest to make their and your family’s dream come true. Nimble College Consulting is the #1 rated admissions consulting firm, with many great reviews . Our biggest asset and differentiator is – and always has been – our exceptional team of counselors & editors. We work with our clients on every aspect of the admissions process – from early planning through completion of the application materials. Nimble College Consulting program was developed from the ground up to be delivered online – a convenient, flexible and innovative approach to admissions counseling. Our counselors always work one on one, ensuring high engagement, commitment and responsiveness. Over the years, we have worked with 100’s of students from around the world and delivered tens of thousands of hours of counseling. The results are clear: we consistently place more than 90% of our clients into one of their top three choices and our clients are, on average, four times more likely to be admitted when they work with us than if they apply on their own. Simply put, our approach to admissions counseling works. We invite you to learn more about Nimble College Consulting and we look forward to supporting you in the admissions process. Rani Mastey & Priya Sudharsan